Oddities News Archive - August 18, 2009

(Editor's note: Sometimes it's hard to tell whether you're tackling motherhood in the 21st century -- or being tackled by it.

The Coors Light marketing department says it's sorry if British Columbia billboards mocking Toronto are offensive to Canada's largest city and beer market. The billboard features a picture of a can of the beer with the slogan Colder Than Most People From Toronto, the Toronto Star's western bureau reported from Vancouver. The billboard caught the eye of tourist Kathryn Morton, who was born in British Columbia but now lives northwest of Toronto.

As many as 100 bats died and 200,000 were left homeless when a structure built to lure them away from University of Florida buildings collapsed, officials say. The fall of the 18-year-old plywood structure Sunday came as students are preparing to return to campus for the new school year, university officials told The Palm Beach Post. We're just telling people to be vigilant but that there is no cause for panic or mass hysteria, Ken Glover, an expert in urban pest management and coordinator of the university's environmental health and safety division told the newspaper.

Toronto police had very little investigating to do into a double store burglary thanks to the alleged thief leaving his wallet behind. Police said a man broke into a hair salon early Saturday and leisurely emptied the cash register of $120, smoked a cigarette and then took a bathroom break, the Toronto Star reported Tuesday. Next, he cut through a wall to gain access to an adjacent tanning salon, where he smashed the cash register to take about $200 before leaving through the front door, police said. The thief didn't wear gloves and left a substantial number of fingerprints behind.

A car smashed into an Austin, Texas, family's home for the second time in two nights, authorities say. Luna Trevino, 9, narrowly escaped injury in the first incident at 3 a.m.

A Wisconsin college has released its annual Mindset List detailing the cultural touchstones important to this year's freshman class. The Beloit College Mindset List, compiled by retired college spokesman Ron Nief and humanities Professor Tom McBride, says 18-year-olds entering college this semester have grown up in a United States with Iraq as a repeated enemy, mega-churches located across the country and Cartoon Network as a cable TV viewing choice, USA Today reported Tuesday. For the Class of 2013, tattoos have always been chic, rap music mainstream and bungee jumping socially acceptable.

California animal control authorities said they captured an 11-foot-long, 50-pound python that had slithered into a man's front yard. Francisco Delgadillo, 43, who lives in an unincorporated area of Riverside County between Lake Elsinore and Perris, said he called Riverside County Animal Services late Sunday night after he and his sister spotted the huge snake in their yard, KTLA-TV, Los Angeles, reported Tuesday. Oh my God, that's a huge snake, Delgadillo said.

A New York man said he discovered an unusual and unwelcome feature of his cell phone -- it turns on his stove. Andrei Melnikov said his Maytag Magic Chef stove beeps and turn its broiler onto the highest setting if his phone, which he has had for about three years, receives an incoming call while within

A British man has drawn both praise and criticism from neighbors for painting apostrophes on street signs he claims are grammatically incorrect. Stefan Gatward, 62, of Tunbridge Wells, England, said he changed signs on his street, St. Johns Close, to read St.


Several New York record stores are carrying a 12-inch vinyl disc called Favorite Recorded Scream, which samples various screams from famous songs.

Word of the Day
  • A serpent whose bite was fabled to produce intense thirst.
The word 'dipsas' comes from a Greek word meaning 'thirst'.