Oddities News Archive - August 19, 2009

An Egyptian who attempted to smuggle Sudanese refugees into Israel, asked for Israeli police assistance after he lost his way in the desert, police said. The smuggler, who received thousands of dollars to smuggle six Sudanese refugees into Israel via the Sinai, contacted Israeli police several nights ago and asked for their assistance, Maariv reported Tuesday.

The Coors Light beer company has learned people in Toronto get pretty heated about being teased for being emotionally cold on British Columbia billboards. After the Toronto Star's western bureau in Vancouver reported the ads that claim the beer is Colder than most people from Toronto Tuesday, Adam Moffat, brand marketing manager for Molson Coors Light, said he received as many as 40 complaints. I've been on the receiving end of a few e-mails, he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

A paramedic in Lombard, Ill., says a local woman gave birth in her home, 18 months after she had another child in his ambulance. Paramedic Jack Shafer said when he arrived at the home of Jennifer Stringer and Rick Tresselt Monday, he immediately connected the house to a March 2008 incident that ended

An image of Jesus, or what could be Jesus, has been spotted in a kudzu vine growing on a utility pole next to railroad tracks in Raleigh, N.C. The resemblance was first spotted by customers of the Boylan Bridge Brewpub, The (Raleigh) News & Observer reported Wednesday.

Police in Florida say a woman fabricated her report of a lost wallet, containing $2,000, returned via mail. Oviedo police Lt.

A Florida woman said her bank, Washington Mutual, mistakenly auctioned off her house while she was attempting to modify her loan. Anna Ramirez said she was shocked to be evicted Aug.

Police in Florida said they arrested a homeless man accused of stealing several bottles of beer and a cooler from a yacht club bar. Daytona Beach police spokesman Jimmie Flynt said Scott Riley, 28, allegedly broke into the Halifax River Yacht Club's Tiki Bar Sunday night and took the beer and cooler to a shrub across the street from the club, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reported Wednesday. Flynt said police found Riley passed out in the shrub next to the bottles and cooler, which was labeled Halifax River Yacht Club. Riley was arrested charged with burglary.

A 79-year-old Missouri man who began keeping track of his miles at a church track in 2001 said he has logged 40,000 miles on the path. Bob Wery, 79, of Arnold, said he has walked a total 40,000 miles -- equal to more than 13 coast-to-coast U.S.

New York animal authorities say a raccoon captured at City Hall earned the nickname Houdini when it escaped from its metal cage. Mike Pastore of Animal Care & Control said he was summoned to City Hall for the first time in his 15 years on the job Tuesday to capture a raccoon spotted on the roof by construction workers, the New York Post reported Wednesday. Pastore said it didn't take him long to catch the raccoon in a metal cage, but the animal soon broke free. He's one of the strongest raccoons we've come across, Pastore said.

A Best Buy in Colorado has fired two employees who tackled a shoplifter in front of the electronics store, the former employees said. Jared Bergstreser, 20, and Colin Trapp, 23, said they were informed of their firings Sunday, two weeks after they followed the shoplifter out of the Broomfield store, KMGH-TV, Denver, reported Wednesday. A gentleman came by us in a red shirt with a bunch of product in his hand.

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  • In architecture, a floral ornament; specifically, the large conventional flower usually placed in the center of the abacus of a Corinthian capital or classic ceiling-caisson; also, the floreated termination of a Gothic finial.
[ "The word 'fleuron' comes from French."]