Oddities News Archive - August 26, 2009

An Indian high court in Mumbai denied divorce petition by a 47-year-old man who claimed his wife's constant quarreling with him amounted to cruelty. The court, rejecting the man's petition for divorce from his wife of 17 years, said a wife cannot be expected to remain silent and never raise a complaint, the Times of India reported. Normal wear and tear is expected in a matrimonial home, the court said.

Connecticut state police say someone stole a meteorite worth $2,200 from a gift shop at a nature activity center. State police Sgt.

Virginia prosecutors say they worked out a plea deal with a woman who sent letters to Roanoke jail inmates with marijuana hidden under the stamps. Deputies at the jail intercepted the letters after noticing the stamps had strange lumps in them, The Roanoke (Va.) Times reported Wednesday. Ashley Dudley, 22, Raford, will spend 30 days in jail herself under the agreement to plead no-contest to two counts of attempting to deliver marijuana to a prisoner. Deputies said they intercepted 11 letters addressed to three prisoners, but the amount of pot added up to a negligible amount. Dudley was tracked down through fingerprints on the letters.

University of Connecticut fans will no longer see cheerleaders performing tumbles and stunts at sporting events, the school has announced. The UConn cheerleaders are being replaced by a new spirit squad that won't be doing any acrobatics to get the fans fired up, The Hartford (Conn.) Courant reported Wednesday. By changing the style, and not requiring gymnastics experience, we will be able to offer the opportunity to participate to a broader pool of students, the university said in a statement explaining the change. The Courant says the change is particularly dispiriting for cheerleaders who came to UConn to perform gymnastic moves with a traditional squad. They are disrespecting cheerleaders in general by doing this, said Alanna Ferguson, who made the cheerleading squad last year as a freshman from Windham, N.H.

Police in North Dakota say they arrested an intoxicated man spotted eating food in a grocery store without paying for it. Bismarck Police Lt.

A law student says he gained valuable insight into his chosen profession after spending a week in the Chicago jail in a case of mistaken identity. Darrius Whitehorn was tossed in the Cook County Jail Aug.

Police in Ohio say a 49-year-old man and his 18-year-old son were arrested for an argument that devolved into a sword fight. Amy Heffner of Elyria told police her husband Thomas B. Heffner, had been arguing with their son, Thomas W.

Authorities in Colorado say a bear that was unable to climb out of a skateboard bowl was given a ladder to speed its escape. Officials with the Snowmass Parks and Recreation Department said the bear appeared to have been stuck in the village's new skateboard park overnight when it was discovered Tuesday

Authorities in Florida say a carnivorous lizard measuring 4 feet long was captured near a busy intersection by an off-duty firefighter. Brevard County Animal Services Capt. Bob Brown said the firefighter captured the monitor on a busy Melbourne street about 11 a.m.

Swedish police say an office burglar surfed pornographic Web sites on a company computer and left a note bemoaning the messy state of the office. Police say the owner of a company in Paarp arrived at the office Monday and discovered the front door had been forced open at some point during the weekend, The Local reported Wednesday. The owner said a computer screen in the office was displaying several pornographic Web sites and a note chiding: You need to clean up.

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