Oddities News Archive - August 28, 2009

One man was sentenced to prison and another received probation after one of them tried to sell stolen jewelry to its rightful owner, Swedish police said. A 46-year-old man was convicted of stealing the jewelry and was given a nine-month prison sentence.

In response to Catholic high school girls' insistence on hiking their plaid kilt uniform hemlines higher, more Toronto-area schools are doing away with kilts. Various Catholic school boards around Toronto have decided to eliminate the traditional kilt as an increasing number of girls have flouted the 6 inches above the kneecap rule, the Toronto Star reported Friday. Bruce Campbell of the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board told the Star only six of the board's 25 schools now require the kilts after numerous incidents and complaints. We're in the business of educating kids and shouldn't have to spend a disproportionate of time enforcing this part of the uniform, he said. Further west, of the Halton district, two of eight Catholic high schools have done away with kilts and two others are in the process, the report said. Toronto uniform supplier R.J.

A travel Web site's list of the World's Most Interesting Markets includes a West African market specializing in dead animals. The Fetish Market of Benin, which offers several kinds of dead animals believed to cure various ailments, was the top market on the list compiled by VirtualTourist.com, a Web site based in California. The No.

Authorities in Illinois said a woman destroyed her car by trying to use a cigarette lighter to check the level of fuel in a gas can she was filling. Police said the 27-year-old woman was filling up a gas can in the passenger seat of her yellow 1970 Chevrolet 400 at a 7-11 gas station in Joliet at about 10:30 p.m.

Police in Florida said they arrested 76 people with outstanding warrants by luring them out into the open with the promise of stimulus checks. Fort Lauderdale police said they sent letters purporting to be from the South Florida Stimulus Coalition to wanted city residents on a Broward Sheriff's Office list, the Miami Herald reported Friday. The letters instructed the recipients to schedule appointments for Wednesday and Thursday at the War Memorial Auditorium, where officers verified their identities before placing them under arrest.

A California city has approved an ordinance imposing $100 fines on those caught taking recyclables from curbside bins. Officials in Redwood City said the ordinance is a response to numerous resident complaints in recent years about people taking the recyclables from their bins to turn in for cash, the Redwood City Daily News reported Friday. Stealing recyclable materials is a misdemeanor under California state law, but the crime is rarely enforced by local prosecutors due to its minor nature.

A Florida man who installed a torch atop his 47-foot-tall flagpole says local officials have ordered him to apply for a permit. Chris Kydes of Lighthouse Point said he has ignited the torch, a 14-foot propane ring burner, every night from his roof since he installed it two weeks ago, WPLG-TV, Miami, reported Friday. The flag does stand for something but without that torch you can't get attention, Kydes said. Kydes said he received a letter from the city telling him he failed to apply for a permit.

The interior of a Colorado man's car was destroyed by a black bear authorities said has become an expert at opening car doors. Jeff Leistad of Vail said he went outside his home Sunday night to investigate the cause of his dog's barking and saw a black bear tearing up the inside of his brand new Subaru Forester, the Vail Daily reported Friday. The bear was inside my car, freaking out and going crazy because he couldn't get out for a good 15 minutes, Leistad said.

A Scottish husband and wife have pleaded guilty to using realistic-looking weapons to frighten teenagers at a party. Prosecutors said Kilmarnock residents James and Sandra Howat-Hurst, both 49, were upset when neighbor Clarissa Doig, 17, and her 17 teenage party guests set off six small fireworks and sang Auld Lang Syne while celebrating New Year's Eve, The Glasgow Herald reported Friday. Prosecutor Bernard Ablett said James Howat-Hurst called police and was angered when he was told fireworks were to be expected on the holiday. Ablett said Howat-Hurst armed himself with a large air rifle and a bottle of methylated spirits disguised as a gasoline bomb while his wife picked up an air pistol.

Authorities in Tennessee said a man allegedly drilled six holes in his neighbor's silver maple tree and killed the plant with poison. Court documents said Kevin Burger of Murfreesboro told Tennessee Department of Agriculture pesticide inspector Paul Sizemore that his neighbor, Charles Barbarotto, killed his tree by drilling the holes and injecting pesticide, The (Nashville) Tennessean reported Friday. Burger said he videotaped Barbarotto damaging the tree July 24. Barbarotto was charged with six counts of using pesticide in a manner that causes harm, vandalism in excess of $1,000 and criminal trespass.

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