Oddities News Archive - September 25, 2012

Robotic Tail Wagging Mind Reading Fun

Neuro Ware, the makers of this year's hit gizmo, Necomimi – the kitty ears that read your brain waves and move to display them – has started working on a robotic tail that moves according to the wearer's emotional state.

Crop Circles Underwater Made By Tiny Pufferfish

Freelance underwater photographer Yoji Ookata had spent nearly 50 years making dives and cataloging the intricacies and mysteries of the deep, but he had never seen anything like the discovery he recently swam by.

Word of the Day
  • In Roman antiquity, the return of a person who had been banished, or taken prisoner by an enemy, to his old condition and former privileges.
  • In international law, that right by virtue of which persons and things taken by an enemy in war are restored to their former status when coming again under the power of the nation to which they belonged.
The word 'postliminy' comes from a Latin word meaning 'threshold'.