ID Wholesaler Releases List of Top Four Reasons an ID Card Printer Ribbon Breaks

October 24, 2012

According to ID Wholesaler´s technical support team, ID card printer ribbon breakage is a common complaint. In response, the ID card printer retailer released a list of the top four reasons a ribbon may break and how to address the issue.

CHANHASSEN, MN (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

According to the in-house technical support team at ID Wholesaler, the leading retailer of photo identification products, one of the most common issues users experience with an ID card printer is printer ribbon breakage. ID Wholesaler wants ID card printer users to know this issue is usually avoidable.

With this, they’ve put together the following list of the top four reasons an ID card printer´s ribbon breaks, including tips on how to avoid and repair existing issues.

Top Four Reasons an ID Card Printer Ribbon Breaks

#1: Printer Has Not Been Cleaned Recently

ID card printers are very sensitive to dust and debris. Tiny particles of dust and oil from fingerprints can cause many problems, including ribbon breakage. Cleaning the printer after every ribbon change is a good rule of thumb. Also, if the printer has been dormant for months or years, it´s best to clean it before using it again.

#2: Printing Too Close to Edge of Card

Standard direct-to-card printers can print close to the edge of a plastic card but not a full bleed (over the edge). Attempting to print too close to the edge of ID cards may result in the ribbon breaking.

#3: Printer Driver Settings are Off

If the heat settings are turned up too high within the printer driver, the card printer ribbon may tear. This typically happens when users want to put more ink on the card in attempt to get darker, richer colors. Restore the driver settings to the default settings to prevent future breakage.

#4: Ribbon Sensors Need Recalibrating

All equipment is subject to wear and tear. Even if the printer´s card count is low, basic maintenance is required. Most user guides provide instructions for recalibrating a ribbon sensor. It´s also a good idea to make sure the latest firmware and driver is installed.

If the printer ribbon has torn, don´t toss the ribbon! Ribbons can usually be salvaged by taping them back together. After taping, however, you will want to take the steps listed above to prevent it from happening again.

For more information about ID Wholesaler or ID card printer issues, visit http://www.IDWholesaler.com or call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405.

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