August 17, 2008

Jindal Says He Won’t Be McCain’s VP Pick

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Sunday he would not be Republican presidential hopeful John McCain's running mate.

In an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" program, Jindal said he has the job he wants.

"I don't want to be vice president. I'm not going to be the nominee," the 37-year-old governor said.

Jindal said he hopes to run for a second term as Louisiana governor.

"I've got the job that I want. I'm voting for Senator McCain, I'll certainly do what I can to help him get elected," he said. "I'll do it as governor of Louisiana. We've cut taxes, toughest ethics laws, we're growing jobs, lowest unemployment rates in 30 years, but we've got a lot more work down here."

Asked whether it would be a mistake for McCain to pick a pro-choice running mate, such as former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, Jindal said people decide which candidate to support based on who is at the top of the ticket, not the vice presidential nominee.

"The bottom line is this. Senator McCain has a pro-life record. He said he will have a pro-life administration," Jindal said.