September 11, 2008

Lost McCain Film Shows Up in Sweden

Previously unpublished film footage of Sen. John McCain leaving Vietnam captivity 35 years ago has shown up in Sweden, the national TV network says.

The footage was shot in Hanoi as the future Republican presidential candidate, then a young U.S. lieutenant and pilot, walked with a slight limp to a plane that carried him to freedom after more than five years as a POW, Swedish author Eric Erickson told The Local publication.

Erickson used the film and other footage found in the archives of Sveriges Television for a 30-minute DVD that accompanied his new book "Jag sag karleken och doden" ("I Saw Love and Death"), about his days covering the Vietnam war.

"There wasn't anyone that we recognized, not even McCain," Erickson said. "Of course, he was the son of a well known admiral, but he was one of many, a young pilot. But, the cameraman stayed with McCain and took close ups. And everything ended up in a box in the archives.

"In American descriptions of the event, it is often said that he returned to the U.S. on crutches. But, he certainly didn't leave North Vietnam on crutches."