October 30, 2008

Obama Has 11-Point Lead in Poll

Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Barack Obama leads Republican John McCain 51 percent to 40 percent in a poll released Thursday.

The New York Times/CBS poll also indicated that 59 percent of voters do not believe Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is qualified to be vice president. That has increased by 9 percentage points in a month, with most of the shift coming from Republicans and independents.

The poll, which has a margin of error of 3 percentage points, surveyed 1,439 adults, including 1,308 registered voters, by telephone. Overall, 51 percent of the group said they plan to vote for Obama Tuesday, while 40 percent opted for McCain.

About 90 percent of respondents said they do not expect to change their minds.

Both Palin and President George W. Bush appear to be hurting McCain, the Times said.

Hope Smith, a retired clerical worker in Davie, Fla., described herself as a Republican and then said she planned to vote for Obama.

"Palin is just not prepared, and also I like Joe Biden," Smith said. "I think he has a lot of experience and will work well with Obama. If McCain is elected we'll have four more years of the same policies as Bush."