November 10, 2008

Dean Stepping Down As DNC Chief

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean will not seek a second term as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, party sources said.

The news of Dean's departure after one four-year term was reported on the Internet and confirmed by a Democratic party source, The Washington Post reported.

"At this point he has said that he doesn't intend to run again," the source told the Post. "He has said so publicly for a while. He has not said what he will do next."

Dean took over the chairmanship of the DNC in 2004 after a failed bid to be the party's presidential candidate and helped revitalize the Democratic party, helping to engineer wins in Republican strongholds during special elections and to recapture the House and Senate during 2006, the Post said. Another accomplishment was Dean's 50-state strategy, which put Democratic staff and organizations on the ground in every state, the Post said.