June 20, 2009

First dog a sales boon for canine breed

U.S. President Barack Obama's decision to tab a Portuguese water dog as his family's pet has prompted a boost of interest in the canine breed, experts say.

Portuguese Water Dog Club of America officials said since Bo the Portuguese water dog joined the Obama family, requests for the breed have increase by 100 percent in the United States compared with the previous year, The Wall Street Journal said Saturday.

The officials said the increased interest, which includes a 122 percent jump in water dog requests in the United Kingdom, has made the dogs a difficult pet to obtain.

Breeder Marie Eadie said she tries to discourage people from taking on the water dogs as pets simply because the president's decision has thrust the animals into the public light.

We try to educate the public about the commitment involved in taking on this dog, the Annandale, Va., breeder told the Journal..

Breeder Amanda Ford of Carnation, Wash., said she too has seen a significant boost in water dog interest, forcing her to be increasingly selective regarding who is able to provide a home to her puppies.