August 2, 2005

U.S. congressman urges N.Korea to emulate Libya

BEIJING (Reuters) - U.S. Representative Donald Manzullo
urged North Korea on Tuesday to follow the example of Libya and
scrap its nuclear weapons in exchange for aid and diplomatic
recognition. Government negotiators from the United States, the
two Koreas, Russia, Japan and China held an eighth day of talks
in Beijing on Tuesday to try to end Pyongyang's nuclear

"We believe that North Korea can come into the family of
nations, disarmed and at the same time ready for economic
development, ready for trade, ready to become a member of the
international community where they don't have to have the
nuclear program ... something similar to Muammar Gaddafi of
Libya," Manzullo told a news conference in Beijing.

Libya announced in December 2003 that it would abandon
plans to develop weapons of mass destruction and allow
international weapons inspectors into the country.

The United States relaxed its trade embargo on Libya in
April 2004 to allow U.S. companies to buy the north African
country's oil and invest in its economy for the first time
since 1986.

Manzullo, a Republican from Illinois who s visiting Beijing
with 11 other U.S. congressmen, said he had written to North
Korea's U.N. ambassador and invited Pyongyang parliamentarians
to talks to try to defuse the nuclear crisis.

North Korea is unlikely to respond favorably. It angrily
rejects comparisons with Libya and has routinely dismissed
similar suggestions from U.S. administration officials.