January 20, 2006

Ex-president Carter’s son running for Senate

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Jack Carter, the son of former
U.S. President Jimmy Carter, said on Friday that he was running
to become a U.S. senator from Nevada and would make a formal
announcement next month.

"I'm disturbed by the Bush administration policies," Carter
told Reuters in explaining his decision to enter politics at
age 58. "I don't like the partisan bickering."

Still bearing his family's trademark Georgia accent, Carter
said he moved to Nevada a little more than three years ago.

One of four children to Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, Jack
Carter has worked as a businessman specializing in financial
markets throughout his life, and lived in Bermuda before coming
to Nevada.

He worked on his father's 1976 presidential campaign, as
well as his previous campaigns in Georgia.

Asked what lessons he drew from his father's often
turbulent time as president from 1977-81, Democrat Carter
responded: "It's that one person can really make a difference."

Carter hopes to unseat Nevada's junior senator John Ensign,
a Republican. The state's senior senator, Democrat Harry Reid,
is the Senate minority leader.

Carter said he would formally announce his run for Senate
on February 6 at rallies in Las Vegas where he lives, and
Carson City, the state capital, at which his mother would also