February 27, 2006

SEC’s Cox says feeling better after surgery

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Securities and Exchange
Commission Chairman Christopher Cox said in an interview on
Monday he is feeling better after major surgery to remove a
tumor from his thymus.

"I do feel better," said the 53-year-old former congressman
from Orange County in southern California.

He was chosen last June by President George W. Bush and
sworn in as chairman of the investor protection agency in
August after confirmation by the Senate, replacing William

Cox underwent surgery on January 30 for removal of a
thymoma, a tumor of the thymus gland located in the chest. He
returned to work last week after a three-week recuperation.

"I've got a big ugly stripe down the middle of my chest
right now where they carved my breastbone open with a circular
saw," he told Reuters.

The experience was frightening, "particularly before they
figured out exactly what it was ... So I went through a couple
bad periods," he said. "But all of that morbidity was
unnecessary because what I had they were able to get."