April 26, 2006

Bush blocks assets related to Hariri killing

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush on
Wednesday issued an order blocking the assets of anyone
connected with the February 14, 2005, assassination of former
Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

Bush in a statement said the new order blocks the property
and interests of anyone determined to have been involved in
Hariri's assassination and that additional steps were being
taken "concerning certain actions of the government of Syria."

A U.N. report last year implicated senior Syrian security
officials in Hariri's killing and said Syria was impeding the
inquiry. Syria has denied involvement.

Bush's order does not designate anyone specifically, but
establishes the criteria for who would fall under the order.

In addition to blocking the assets of anyone found to be
involved in Hariri's assassination, the order targets anyone
involved in an assassination or bombing in Lebanon since
October 1, 2004, related to Hariri's killing or implicating the
Syrian government, an administration official said.