May 18, 2006

Energy Sec says wife bargain hunts for gasoline

PORT ARTHUR, Texas (Reuters) - The wife of U.S. Energy
Secretary Sam Bodman is out hunting for cheap gasoline.

Stung by a spike at the pumps in recent weeks, many U.S.
motorists are searching for the best deal. Bodman has called
high gasoline costs a "crisis" for Americans.

When asked by a reporter if he shops around for cheap fuel,
Bodman said: "I know my wife does."

Bodman, who previously served as the CEO of Fidelity
Investments and Cabot Corporation, said that he personally does
not scour service stations looking for bargains because the
U.S. Secret Service buys his fuel.

Gasoline prices have risen to more than $2.90 a gallon on
average nationwide, just below the record $3.07 struck after
Hurricane Katrina, according to the Department of Energy.