Xbox Live Users Reeled Into Phishing Scam
November 23, 2011

Xbox Live Users Reeled Into Phishing Scam

Some users of Microsoft´s Xbox Live online gaming service have had their confidential credit card and bank information exposed on the internet. Microsoft, though, denies any security breaches and instead blames a new phishing attack on its users.

Xbox Live users use credit cards to buy Microsoft Points, which is Microsoft´s online currency used to purchase extra downloadable content, games and in-game objects. In the latest scam the points were used to buy downloadable content from EA Sports´ Ultimate Team Packs for its games FIFA 12, Madden and NBA.

The scammers likely chose to purchase the Ultimate Team Packs from EA Sports because it is an easy way to change Microsoft Points for real cash. The Guardian reports that FIFA Ultimate Team, for example, is a fantasy league extension for FIFA 12, in which players seek to build teams made from the world´s best players, player cards are traded more or less like Top Trumps, with real money changing hands.

EA Sports admits to not having the technology to track these transactions, otherwise they would be able to find out who is running the scam operation. EA Sports, though, has detailed instructions on how to avoid becoming a victim of phishing operations.

Xbox live users, though, should be wary of any email that is asking for usernames and passwords. If you have an Xbox Live account, make sure there have been no extra charges toward EA Sports downloadable content. If you find a problem call Microsoft´s Xbox Live customer service line.


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