Nintendo Working On App Store For Wii U
January 2, 2012

Nintendo Working On App Store For Wii U

Nintendo is reportedly working on an app store for its next gaming console the "Wii U".

The new console will implement an app store that surpasses the current online stores that Nintendo uses with its DSi and Wii consoles, according to a report by The Daily.

"Wii U owners will be able to use apps that operate on the Wii U itself, such as MLB.TV, and others that run independently on the Wii U´s controller," the report said.

The new console will launch in the second half of 2012 and will replace the current Wii consoles.  Its controller is a tablet-style device with a 6.2-inch screen.

The Daily reports that it was "unknown whether Nintendo plans to monetize its app store with a points system, which it currently uses for WiiWare and DSiWare, or with a more Apple-like pay-to-play system".

The Wii U will be backwards compatible with the Wii, being capable of utilizing Wii peripherals like the Wii Remote, Wii MotionPlus, and Wii Balance Board.

Also unlike its predecessor, the new Wii console will be able to output in high-definition format.


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