Sony Gaming Systems Posts Strong Holiday Sales
January 10, 2012

Sony Gaming Systems Posts Strong Holiday Sales

Strong holiday sales are being reported by Sony for its range of PlayStation gaming platforms with a total of 6.5 million PlayStation 2/3/PSP/Vita units sold worldwide. The PS Vita alone, introduced early in December was purchased by nearly 500,000 gamers in Asia  alone.

The elderly (by game standards) PSP, continued to sell 1.6 million units worldwide and separate from the 6.5 million systems overall was the sale of 1.6 million of the motion control add-on Sony Move.

The PlayStation 3 sold almost 4 million units, bringing Sony closer to its fiscal year-end goal of 15 million for the five-year old gaming powerhouse. The PS2 continues puttering along and enjoying, “robust sales in emerging countries,” reports Joseph Volpe for Engadget.

Boosting Sony´s newest platform, they claim that PS Vita owners can choose between 24 different games at the moment and that 70 additional titles are currently in development.

The company´s newest video game system will hit Europe, Australia, and America on February 22, 2012 with the 3G/Wi-Fi model of the Vita costing $299, with the choice of two data plans. There is a $14.99 plan that offers 250MB data, and a $25 plan that gives you 2GB of data.

Both plans will be month-to-month and will not require a long-term contract, reports Bonnie Cha for CNET. A free game download is included with the purchase of the Vita along with a data plan.

The Vita, already available in Japan, features a 5-inch OLED capacitive touch screen, a rear touch panel, an ARM Cortex-A9 core (quad-core) CPU, and a SGX543MP4+ GPU. The Vita will launch with an impressive list of games here in the US but its use of proprietary media might hold it back.


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