Halo Stats Revealed – 20 Million Games Played To Date
April 3, 2012

Halo Stats Revealed – 20 Million Games Played To Date

Brett Smith for Redorbit.com

There´s an epic tragedy occurring across the globe right in front of our collective eyes. It isn´t the 136 billion “killed” that´s at the center of this catastrophe. It´s the senseless desecration of over 230,000 years collectively spent playing the Halo online video game series that is at the center of this worldwide disaster.

According to a recent infographic released by the game maker´s company, Studio Bungie, over 20 billion matches have been logged since 2004 by players of Halo 2, Halo 3 (plus expansion pack ODST), and Halo:Reach. The result was over 2 billion hours of play time.

Player kills were broken down by title with Halo 2 at 36 billion, Halo 3 at 76 billion, and Halo:Reach at 23 billion. The number of Halo kills tops the estimated number of humans that have ever lived by about 27 billion.

The graphic revealed other interesting statistics, including players´ weapon of choice – the Battle Rifle, which was responsible for 15.4 billion virtual deaths. Players were rewarded with over 79 billion medals for their accomplishments. Topping the reward list was Beat Down, given for a successful hand-to-hand attack.

The data also showed that the collaborative efforts of Halo gamers resulted in more than 350 million games played of Firefight,  the cooperative mode where a team of players work together to slaughter hordes of alien combatants.

"In the collective time you've spent playing Halo, you could have traveled across the expanse of the Milky Way at the speed of light ... and back," reads the Bungie infographic.

The release of this graphic comes as Bungie passes control of the series to 343 Industries, a company created by Microsoft which owns the Halo intellectual property rights. Bungie was acquired by Microsoft in 2000 and created the first five games in the Halo franchise. The studio became a privately held company in 2007 with Microsoft holding a minority equity interest, according to a Bungie press release.

“Working with Microsoft was great for us, it allowed us to grow as a team and make the ambitious, blockbuster games we all wanted to work on.  And they will continue to be a great partner.  But Bungie is like a shark.  We have to keep moving to survive,” said Jason Jones, Bungie founder and partner in 2007.

Some expect 343 Industries to take the franchise in a more cinematic, story driven direction, while maintaining the modern “shooter” format. The game studio has been firing out bits of information over the last several months, including the unveiling of the title “The Reclaimer Trilogy”. The new Halo games are expected to focus on a story line surrounding the games´ Master Chief character.

“The very first decision we made was that we were going to continue the story of Chief, and it was a natural choice for us,” said Kiki Wolfkill, Halo´s new executive producer, during a recent Xbox 360 preview event in San Francisco according to Matt Hartley of the Financial Post.

“Obviously it´s a formidable challenge to take on an iconic and beloved character and make decisions around moving him forward and changing some things, but it´s been a pretty incredible creative experience,” Wolfkill added.

Players less interested in a cinematic experience will be able to continue the massive slaughter in the new games, using both familiar weapons and new upgrades, according to a panel of company personnel at last year´s PAX Prime video game conference.