Relive Your Youth With Wolfenstein 3D In Your Browser
May 10, 2012

Relive Your Youth With Wolfenstein 3D In Your Browser

Gamers of a certain age who enjoy modern versions of the First-Person Shooter (FPS) such as Halo, Team Fortress or Modern Warfare have one gaming classic to thank, Wolfenstein 3D, writes SlashGear´s Michael Crider.

Playing it now seems quaint and clunky but when it was released on Microsoft DOS in 1992 it introduced a revolution in computer gaming. The game was an early introduction of a free-roaming player viewed from his perspective. If you enjoy killing Nazi guards, zombie Nazi guards and even Nazi guard dogs, then this was the gaming experience you had waited your entire life to play.

Current owner of the title, Bethesda Softworks, released the new game in just in time for Wolfenstein's 20th anniversary. The game is a remake of the classic Apple II game, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and was the first to provide a “3D” view of the world, with 2D sprites that were mapped from eight perspectives, to produce the illusion of a 3D object.

Bethesda Softworks made the iOS version of the game free on Wednesday of this week but has released a free browser-based version for everyone to enjoy anytime at, reports Mark Hachman for PC Mag.

“The core essence of taking an experience that used to be done in top-down - we were all familiar at the time with top-down shooters like Gauntlet and things where you would run around and shoot at the enemies there - taking really similar gameplay and projecting it into the 3D environment, adding perspective and the fact that changed the game experience so much was the real triumph of what we did then,” Carmack said.

Wolfenstein 3D holds up well over time, tickles the nostalgia button for some of us and delights the younger crowd with its kitschy look and feel. Wolfenstein and its successor, DOOM, encouraged exploration, and rewarded players with hidden secrets and even secret levels.

This latest port of the gaming classic allows users to pick which level they wish to play in the browser version, even skipping over the “easy” ones and allows the secret levels to be accessed directly. The iOS version of Wolfenstein 3D includes a special easter egg podcast with legendary game designer and iD co-founder John Carmack, who shares his memories of the game.

We are sure that once your coworkers see you stabbing zombie soldiers on your lunch break, they will share their memories of the game as well.