Sony Shutting Down PlayStation Network Store In South Korea
June 22, 2012

Sony Shutting Down PlayStation Network Store In South Korea

Lee Rannals for

Sony announced it will be shutting down its PlayStation store in South Korea at the end of this month.

The company said it will suspend its online gaming PlayStation Network service so it can remain within the boundaries of local laws and give itself time to amend its systems.

New rules in South Korea under the "Game Industry Promotion Act" will come into play at the start of July, calling for a tighter control over online gaming. Korea is hoping to restrict the amount of time that young gamers spend online.

Sony must be able to verify the age of players in order to meet some of the new guidelines.

The company said in a blog post written in Korean that it is not able to verify the age of players before the July deadline.

Sony prefers to figure out how to comply with the new guidelines, and restore service later, rather than face censureship.

The only players that will be affected by the shutdown are PlayStation 3 gamers. The PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable and other portable devices that do not use the PlayStation Network Store will not be affected.

During the outage, Sony said that the purchase of new content, download, and online game registration will be impossible. It said that it hopes it can restore service to the South Korean players sometime this year, but it is unsure exactly when that will be.

Gamers in South Korea will still be able to participate in multiplayer games through the PlayStation Network.