FCC Filing Hints At Possible PlayStation 4
July 6, 2012

FCC Filing Hints At Possible PlayStation 4

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online

Grab your controllers and wait in line. A new FCC filing on Thursday suggests that Sony could be releasing a new, slimmer model of their popular PlayStation gaming console.

According to Japanese site Pocket News, some documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission (or FCC) reveal a brand new PlayStation 3 model under the 4000 series. The model number in the filings is CECH-4001x. The current model of PlayStation 3 belongs to the 3000 series.

Outside of the documents and the diagrams within, there aren´t very many details for this new model, save for the mumblings that the new model will be “super slim.”

Whatever this new device is, gamers may not have to wait for very long to get their hands on it.

According to sources speaking with Eurogamer.net, Sony could announce this super-slim PlayStation 3 follow-up at next month´s Gamescom gaming show in Germany. As for the “x” in CECH-4001x, the documents say this alphabetical placeholder will be replaced by another letter to indicate different hard drive configurations.

The new FCC filings also show a brand new FCC label position on the bottom of the super slim PS3.

Sony, as you might expect, has declined to comment on these filings.

While this might not be the PlayStation 4 many gamers have been hoping for, shrinking their consoles is a game Sony is comfortable playing.

Sony put the PlayStation 2 on a diet first in 2004 (SCPH-70000), once more in 2006 (SCPH-70001), and again a year later in 2007 (SCPH-79000). When the “fat” PlayStation 3 launched in 2006, it wore the 2000-series model number. Then, in 2009, Sony gave the slim-treatments to the PS3, upgrading its model number to the 3000-series.

Logically, a 4000-model series could be a new PlayStation 4. However, Sony America´s CEO and president told eager fans at this year´s E3 conference not to hold their breath for a new PlayStation model.

Saying the 6-year-old PlayStation 3 “continues to shatter expectations,” Jack Tretton said the next PlayStation console is still another few years away. “Back to the original PlayStation we always thought in 10-year product life cycles,” Tretton said in an interview with the Associated Press. “I think you´re seeing those generations be longer and longer because the technology is so great, it´s difficult to surpass it.”

The FCC leaked version of the PlayStation might only be the familiar PS3, only slimmer. Such a move could also mean this popular device is reaching end of life. Will this new device be the last PS3 ever made, or will Sony shock and surprise us all by introducing a brand new PlayStation 4 in plenty of time for the holiday shopping season? Gamescom opens for everyone in Cologne next month, from August 15 through 19.