Super Slim PlayStation 3 Could Be In The Works
July 16, 2012

Super Slim PlayStation 3 Could Be In The Works

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Photographs of what is believed to be a new version of the Sony PlayStation 3 surfaced over the weekend, fueling speculation that the company will release another model of its current video game system before turning its attention to the highly anticipated PlayStation 4.

Brazilian website Tecnoblog was the first to publish pictures of the new PS3 model -- pictures which have since been reprinted by several English-language websites.

One of those publications, TechRadar, reported Saturday that the console depicted appears to have a top-loaded disc-drive, more rounded edges and "a new crinkle-cut finish, rather than the smooth matte finish on the PS3 Slim."

Adding to the speculation are documents filed with the FCC a couple of weeks ago which CNET's Christopher MacManus said pointed towards "a mysterious new version of the PS3."

Among the evidence is that the items described in the documents referred to the CECH-4000 series of products, which is consistent with current PS3-numbering systems. The current PS3 slim systems are CECH-30xx series products, Joystiq's JC Fletcher wrote on Friday

The original Tecnoblog report includes a letter sent from Sony Brasil to Anatel (the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications),  which made reference to three models: CECH-4011A, which has a 16GB hard drive (which MacManus says could be a typo, and actually representing a 160GB unit); CECH-4011B, which has a 250GB hard drive; and CECH-4011C, which has a 500GB hard drive. Aside from storage capacity, the document says that the three devices are identical, using the same electrical ratings, power supplies, circuitry and main logic boards.

MacManus said that the images suggest a "stripped down“¦ super slim PS3" with a design that is a "hybrid of the original-launch PS3 and the slimmer variant, with the super slim device sporting a long row of ridges at the top." He revealed that "after a thorough investigation, CNET could not locate any mention of the CECH-4011 series in Anatel," but said that "most of the information" presented by Tecnoblog "appears credible."