February 16, 2016

The Best Headsets for PC Gaming

Gaming has evolved so rapidly, now offering titles that not only look visually incredible but also brings the events and characters to life through expert sound effects. Developers put a lot of time, effort and money into creating an immersive audio experience. While listening to them through standard PC speakers is one option, these five headsets are guaranteed to make your favourite games sound like they’re bursting through your screen.


Sennheiser G4ME Zero


You’ll be spoilt for features when you strap on the Sennheiser G4ME Zero. Hear sounds in crystal clear clarity as they are channelled directly to your ear drums thanks to the Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement technology. The fantastic mic includes a mute option in case you want to cut back to reality and the XXL ear pads will keep your ears feeling snug for every second of those lengthy gaming sessions. For £199, you can’t go far wrong.

Audio Technica ATH-ADG1


The Audio Technica ATH-ADG 1 carries a bit of a hefty price tag at £265, but you’ll be sure to get plenty of bang for your buck. Delivering the ‘ultimate gaming experience’, this headset features open air headphones with premium 53mm drivers. A 3D wing support system ensures comfort for even the most dedicated of gamers out there, while the 100 degree microphone will let you trash talk your components to your heart’s content.

Steel Series Siberia Elite


You’ll be hard pressed to find a more stylish headset than this. The Steel Series Siberia Elite boasts a crisp white appearance with eye-catching LED light displays on both ear pads. But with style, comes substance and this nifty little piece of kit packs a punch with next-gen drivers and noise isolating pads. So whether you’re shooting enemies on Titanfall or playing your favourite online casino game, you’ll be transported into the heart of the action.

Razer Kraken 7.1


Created specifically with the PC platform in mind, the Razer Kraken 7.1 is an impressive and well-built headset with a temptingly low price tag. For just £90, users can expect comfortable ear cups, a retractable mic and virtual 7.1 surround sound, which is adjustable via Synapse 2.0 software. It can feel a little heavier than some other devices on the market and with a heavy bass, it may be more ideal for the casual FPS fanatic.

Creative Sound Blaster Evo Z x


It’s hard to find things to complain about when it comes to the Creative Sound Blaster Evo Z x. For just £160, the PC exclusive headset connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and NFC for a wire free experience. A 40mm sound quality delivers the noise of the battlefield without being too overpowering and flank-positioned playback controls are a great addition. The only real downside is the hardy ear cups, which may leave you a little sore after a few hours of play.