June 6, 2016

The Power of Retro Gaming

With the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 offering plenty of gaming power it would seem that games that look graphically impressive would dominate people’s attention. While these Triple A options may make plenty of money, don’t give up on the retro games just yet.

You don’t have to look far for the rise of retro gaming. Super Mario Maker may feel fresh with the way it hands the players the chance to create levels, but what it also gives them is a way to reach back to Mario’s past. You’ll also find plenty of people who enjoy playing the old Mario games, as they still stand up surprisingly well.

With the rise of mobile devices, we’ve also seen the rise of older games on these devices. Sometimes providing an “HD remake” of the game, but often choosing to keep a retro feel these games hark back to the good old days of gaming. This is where you’ll find characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and Pac-Man finding a home, as well as classics such as Tetris still going strong.

Retro gaming also has influence on new games that are appearing all the time. Just look at the “8-bit” style graphics of some games for that. The likes of Shovel Knight also use a retro feel to tug on the heart strings of the fans of old school platformers and the designers of these games know exactly what they are doing when they go for this style.

Retro is a style that isn’t only used in the arcade and platform style gaming, and those who play Sky Bingo should know, bingo and casino sites tap into this feel too. Online slot machines for an example, often offer a more old school style of slots that sit at the side of the ones that look to be more complicated and offer a little more. This works on the tried and tested method that people like the old way of doing things, which feels more comfortable.

The world of retro continues to grow as the history of gaming reaches new milestones. We’ll always look to the past for the sheer quality of games that has led to the gaming industry we have today. It shows the quality of older games that they refuse to just sit in the cupboard and be forgotten about. Retro is definitely here to stay.