July 18, 2008

‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ is a Good Film for Fantasy Fans

By Miranda C.R. White

"Journey to the Center of the Earth" opened last weekend, and I have one word for it - unbelievable. Literally.

Not only were there cartoon birds in the movie, but there were dinosaurs eating piranha out in the middle of the ocean that is supposedly in the middle of the earth and giant flytraps attempted to choke and eat the adventurers when they on their way to a boiling river. Talk about fantasy.

The movie started off with Professor Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser) receiving a visit from his sister-in-law, who decided to drop off her uncaring son Sean (Josh Hutcherson) at his house for a 10-day visit.

The sister-in-law also dropped off a box of her husband's belongings. That's when it is revealed to the audience that her husband went missing. Her husband, Max, left behind the book "Journey to the Center of the Earth," which highly interested Anderson. Trevor headed up the Center for Volcanic Activity and Max placed monitoring devices in different parts of the world 10 years earlier.

A secret code was found in the book, and the professor and his nephew Sean head off on a journey to try to figure out what happened to Max. They run into Hannah (Anita Briem) who guides them up to the volcano, where they face numerous obstacles trying to figure out what Max's codes mean.

With Brendan Fraser being in a 3-D movie, you would think that it was going to be somewhat of a comedy. If comedy means ridiculousness, then it is a comedy. I guess we can all expect science fiction to be a bit fake, though.

There were a few, and a really mean a few, tearjerkers during the movie that made it somewhat real. And some of the backdrops were gorgeous. It would have been nice to see a bit more realistic qualities besides in the beginning and end.

Overall, the movie was extremely unrealistic, but I believe it would be somewhat exciting for people who love fantasy.

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