January 13, 2009

Teen Claims Halo 3 Made Him Kill Mother

In Ohio, a teenager killed his mother and wounded his father in revenge after they took away his violent video game.

Daniel Petric, 17, shot his parents after they took away his Halo 3 game, in which players shoot invading aliens.

His defense team argued that his addiction to the game had made him insane.  However, the judge rejected this, saying he had planned revenge for weeks.

Petric was tried as an adult, and now faces a maximum possibly penalty of life in prison without parole.

In October 2007, Petric used his father's key to open a lockbox and remove a 9mm handgun and the game.

His father Mark was shot in the head and survived.  He testified that Daniel came into the room and asked, "Would you guys close your eyes?  I have a surprise for you."

Mark said he expected a pleasant surprise, but instead his head went numb from the gunshot.

The Associated Press news agency reports that Microsoft, which owns the intellectual property of the game, declined to comment beyond saying, "We are aware of the situation and it is a tragic case."


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