April 21, 2009

Sony debuts ‘Terminator’ Twitter game

Sony Pictures Releasing International says it has created its first movie-based game for the Twitter social networking platform.

The announcement of the Terminator Salvation Twitter game was made Monday by Sal Ladestro, executive vice president of marketing for Sony Pictures Releasing International.

Twitter users can join John Connor in the war against the machines by following the tweets at Resistance 2018, Ladestro said in a statement. In the fight against Skynet and the Terminators, mass communication is vital, so it's no surprise that the resistance would turn to Twitter. We think this is the perfect environment for the Terminator game as it allows users to interact with the movie, their friends and other game players instantaneously.

Starring Christian Bale as hero John Connor, Terminator Salvation is to be released in the United States May 21 by Warner Bros. Pictures. Sony Pictures Releasing International is distributing the film in most international territories between May 27 and June 13.