March 11, 2010

Motion Controls Coming To PS3 This Fall

Sony has announced plans to release a motion controller, not unlike the remotes used to play game software on the popular Nintendo Wii, for its PlayStation 3 home entertainment system this fall.

Formerly code-named "Arc," the "Move" controller was officially unveiled during a Wednesday evening press event at the annual Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco. The device, which resembles a black remote with a luminescent blue ball attached to the end, will also require the Playstation Eye camera device to function.

"We'd like to think of this as the next generation of motion gaming," Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), told Maggie Shiels of BBC News following the announcement. "We are confident that when we look back in five years time, this will be seen as a seminal moment for PlayStation."

At least three-dozen third party game developers and publishers have already signed on to support the PS3 move, including Electronic Arts, who went on to announce that they will be bringing a motion-controlled version of their latest Lord of the Rings game to the PS3. In addition, Sony will support the Move with 20 games during the 2010 fiscal year, including SOCOM 4, Little Big Planet, a Wii Sports clone called Sports Champions, and the Move Party minigame compellation.

The move is an attempt to combat the popularity of the Wii, which has sold twice as many hardware units worldwide as the PS3, as well as Microsoft's upcoming Natal motion gaming system. "I think we offer a great opportunity to graduate from the Wii to the Playstation 3," SCEA chief executive Jack Trenton told Reuters on Wednesday.

No official price has been announced, but Reuters reports that the Move will be available as part of a package -- presumably with a software title -- for less than $100.


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