September 13, 2010

Michael Jackson Dance Game Under Development

A game being developed by French video game maker Ubisoft is helping resurrect Michael Jackson's dance moves by teaching players to master the King of Pop's most famous moves.

The "Michael Jackson: The Experience" game is being produced by Ubisoft's French editor in his studios in Montpellier and Montreal with a team of about 200 people.

AFP reporter Mehdi Cherifia, who has seen the game, reported that the Wii console version sets the tone right from the start with background music from Jackon's many hits.  There are about 25 to 30 hit songs available in the game.

The game invites the players to try and move like Jackson with more points being award for the most successful moves.

"We have looked at hundreds of hours of video and collaborated with choreographers, notably Travis Payne, who was involved in the preparation for the "This Is It" tour," for which Jackson was preparing at the time of his death, creative director Alkis Argyriadis told AFP.

The firm managing the interests of Jackson's beneficiaries have made sure to stay true to Michael's unique style.

"The attention to detail even extends to the length of the hem on the trousers.... (and) the famous white glove," producer Abdelhak Elguess told AFP.

According to Argyriadis, some of Jackson's moves have been modified to give players a realistic chance of replicating them.

"Not everyone can dance as well as he could," he told AFP.

Groups of teaching videos have been made to graph out his choreographs so that players can familiarize themselves with his body language.

The less gifted dancers can take the role as one of Jackson's back-up dancers.

Stephane Vallet, of Ubisoft Europe, told AFP that it takes "around two years to conceive a game," meaning the game was put into motion before Jackson died.

The game will be available for play on the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation portable on November 23.

Users of Sony's PlayStation 3 console and Microsoft's Xbox 360 will have to wait until the beginning of 2011 in order to play the game.


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