January 19, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Coming To The US In March

Nintendo announced at a press event in New York on Wednesday that its 3DS glasses-free 3D gaming console will launch on March 27 in the U.S.

The company revealed that the price of the new device will be $250, and it will come in the colors "cobalt blue" or "cosmo black."

Nintendo America COO Reggie Fils-Aime described the new 3D handheld console as an "experience [that] simply doesn't exist anywhere else."

The device will have a 3D top screen with an opposing touchscreen as well as motion-sensing technology. 

The new version of the DS will be 10 percent bigger than the handheld console it is replacing. 

Users will also be able to snap 3D pictures and watch 3D videos. 

Nintendo also revealed that the 3DS will ship with several bundled apps, including a pedometer-style fitness tool, an enhanced web browser, a "Mii Maker" avatar creation tool, and a shooter dubbed Face Raider that snaps a picture of your face to use in lieu of a ship or vehicle. 

The company said it will ship the 3DS with a 2GB SD card for memory.

Nintendo said at the event that over 30 games will be available for the 3DS by June.


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