Sci-Fi & Gaming News Archive - May 11, 2005


Though the new "Star Wars" movie ends with Luke Skywalker as a baby, the Jedi knight grew up a long time ago.


A week before the last installment of "Star Wars" opens, George Lucas is stopping by "The O.C." On Thursday's episode of the Fox show (8 p.m. ET), the master Jedi will guest star as himself. In a lucky twist of fate for Seth Cohen (Adam Brody), Lucas will express interest in Cohen's graphic novel.


A wilted monolith of establishment politics. An entrenched ruling class fearful of change. And one man who stealthily rebels from within, turning the system on its head and bending it to his will. George Lucas' story is the benign reverse image of the palace coup engineered by the foul emperor of his "Star Wars" epic.