Sci-Fi & Gaming News Archive - May 20, 2005


There's an old saying in the video game business: just because a game looks good doesn't mean it's fun to play. We roamed the sprawling halls of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo and found these standouts from the hundreds of new games being previewed. In most cases, it was the gameplay, not the graphics, that had us hooked.


The last of the "Star Wars" movies has done what no movie in history has ever accomplished - sold $50 million worth of tickets in a single day.


The Illinois Senate approved a version of Gov. Rod Blagojevich's proposed restrictions on the sales of violent and sexually explicit video games to children, even though some senators said the idea is unconstitutional.

Word of the Day
  • Forsooth! indeed! originally a parenthetical phrase used in repeating the words of another with more or less contempt or disdain.
The word 'quotha' is an alteration of 'quoth he'.