Sci-Fi & Gaming News Archive - July 14, 2005


The sixth and penultimate installment of the "Harry Potter" saga goes on sale at the weekend, ending months of hype, gag orders and arrests marking the build-up to the publishing event of the year.


Sen. Hillary Clinton pressed on Thursday for a government investigation into how simulated sex cropped up in a modified version of the blockbuster criminal adventure video game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas."


Parents take note -- video games are not all bad. In young children and adolescents they can lead to excessive use and aggressive behavior but a leading expert said Friday that the games ease pain, distract patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and help to develop dexterity.


Peter Ostrum takes off his hay-scratched cap and gloves, then walks into a classroom at Lowville Academy. "This is the boy," a teacher says, introducing a smiling, 47-year-old mustachioed man. Ostrum is the original Charlie Bucket, the boy star of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."


"I want suit approval." Who can blame Vincent Chase, the movie-star character on HBO's "Entourage," for his Aquaman ultimatum? He understands that superhero films teeter on a precarious edge between laughable ("Cat Woman") and arguably brilliant ("Spider-Man").

Word of the Day
  • A cloth or covering, more or less ornamented, laid over the saddle or furniture of a horse, especially of a sumpter-horse or horse of state.
  • Clothing, especially sumptuous clothing; equipment; outfit.
  • To cover with a caparison, as a horse.
  • To dress sumptuously; adorn with rich dress.
This word ultimately comes from the Medieval Latin 'cappa,' cloak.