July 17, 2007

Focus on the Oilfield Chemicals Market: Oil & Gas Drilling Technologies, Product Innovations, Major Players and Forecasts To 2010

Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report related to the worldwide chemicals industry is now available to its catalogue.

Oilfield Chemicals


This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Oilfield Chemicals in Millions of US$.

The specific product segments analyzed are Drilling Fluids, Cementing Chemicals, Production Chemicals, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Chemicals, Stimulation Chemicals, and Completion & Workover Fluids.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Annual forecasts are provided for each region and product segment for the period of 2000 through 2010.

The report profiles 168 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Akzo Nobel NV, Albemarle Corporation, Baker-Petrolite, BJ Services Company, Champion-Servo, Enerchem International, Inc., M-I LLC, Newpark Resources, Inc., ONDEO-NALCO Energy Services LP, Sasol Limited, and Sasol Wax International Aktiengesellschaft.

Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.

Table of content


II. Executive Summary

1. Global Market Overview II-1

2. Petroleum & Natural Gas Industry - An Overview II-10

3. Oil & Gas Drilling Technologies II-18

4. Oilfield Chemicals: A Review II-30

5. Product Introduction/Innovation II-50

6. Product Introductions in the Recent Past II-51

7. Recent Industry Activity II-52

8. Focus on Select Players II-59

9. Global Market Perspective II-62


1. The United States III-1

2. Canada III-9

3. Europe III-12

3a. The United Kingdom III-17

3b. Norway III-19

3c. Kazakhstan III-21

3d. Russia III-24

3e. Rest of Europe III-26

4. Asia-Pacific III-28

5. Middle East & Africa III-36

6. Latin America III-39


A. Primary Players IV-1

1. Akzo Nobel NV (The Netherlands) IV-1

2. Albemarle Corporation (USA) IV-12

3. Baker Petrolite Corporation (USA) IV-18

4. BJ Services Company (USA) IV-21

5. Champion Servo (UK) IV-24

6. Enerchem International, Inc. (Canada) IV-25

7. M-I SWACO (USA) IV-28

8. Nalco Company (USA) IV-30

9. Newpark Resources, Inc. (USA) IV-35

10. Sasol Ltd. (South Africa) IV-39

B. Niche & Other Players IV-46

11. Additives, Inc. (USA) IV-46

12. Advanced Aromatics LP (USA) IV-47

13. Afton Chemical Corporation (USA) IV-48

14. Ahlia Industrial Projects (Kuwait) IV-49

15. Al Sanea Chemical Products (Kuwait) IV-49

16. Alkan Ltd. (Azerbaijan) IV-50

17. Anchor Drilling Fluids USA, Inc. (USA) IV-51

18. Anticor Chimie (France) IV-52

19. Aqua Chemicals Singapore (Singapore) IV-52

20. Aquapharm Chemical Pvt., Ltd. (India) IV-53

21. Arkema Group (France) IV-54

22. Atica Chemicals Srl (Romania) IV-58

23. Aurora Specialty Chemistries (USA) IV-59

24. AVA SpA (Italy) IV-61

25. Baker Hughes, Inc. (USA) IV-62

26. Barzaghi Srl (Italy) IV-65

27. BASF AG (Germany) IV-67

28. Beijing Hengju Oilfield Chemical Agent Co., Ltd. (China) IV-71

29. Bensan Company (Turkey) IV-71

30. BWA Water Additives (UK) IV-72

31. Borregaard LignoTech, Inc. (USA) IV-73

32. Brine-Add Fluids Ltd. (Canada) IV-74

33. Bycosin AB (Sweden) IV-74

34. BYK-Chemie GmbH (Germany) IV-75

35. Cabot Corporation (USA) IV-77

36. Cebo (UK) Ltd. (UK) IV-78

37. Champion Technologies, Inc. (USA) IV-79

38. Chemex, Inc. (USA) IV-80

39. Chemject International, Inc. (USA) IV-80

40. Chemserv Products, Inc. (Canada) IV-81

41. Chemtura Corporation (USA) IV-82

42. Chengdu Cation Chemistry Co., Ltd. (China) IV-83

43. Chimec SpA (Italy) IV-84

44. China Nanhai Magcobar Mud Corporation Ltd. (China) IV-84

45. China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) (China) IV-85

46. Chognqing Lihong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (China) IV-86

47. Clariant AG (Switzerland) IV-87

48. Claymore Field Services (Canada) IV-92

49. Clearwater International LLC (USA) IV-92

50. Coastal Chemical Co., LLC (USA) IV-93

51. Cognis Deutschland GmbH & Co., KG. (Germany) IV-94

52. ConocoPhillips, Inc. (USA) IV-99

53. Continuum Chemical Corporation (USA) IV-104

54. Corsicana Technologies, Inc. (USA) IV-105

55. Crescent Chemicals (Australia) Pty., Ltd. (Australia) IV-106

56. Cytec Industries, Inc. (USA) IV-108

57. Daqing Oilfield Company Ltd. (China) IV-110

58. Degussa Site Krefeld-Stockhausen GmbH (Germany) IV-110

59. Dialog Group Berhad (Malaysia) IV-111

60. Diversified Industries Ltd. (Canada) IV-113

61. Dow Chemical Company (USA) IV-115

62. Dupont (E.I.) De Nemours & Company (USA) IV-117

63. DX Oilfield Products, Inc. (USA) IV-118

64. Elementis PLC (UK) IV-119

65. Emirates National Chemicals Company LLC (UAE) IV-122

66. Energy Chemical Co. - Semnan (Iran) IV-123

67. Eni SpA (Italy) IV-124

68. Esnaad (UAE) IV-125

69. Exxon Mobil Corporation (USA) IV-126

70. FIS Chemicals Ltd. (UK) IV-130

71. Flotek Industries, Inc. (USA) IV-131

72. Francis Drilling Fluids Ltd. (USA) IV-132

73. GChemical Company (USA) IV-133

74. Geo Drilling Fluids, Inc. (USA) IV-133

75. Georgia-Pacific Corporation (USA) IV-134

76. Giovanni Bozzetto SpA (Italy) IV-136

77. Green Country Chemical (USA) IV-137

78. Gujarat Chemicals (India) IV-138

79. Gulf Coast Chemical, Inc. (USA) IV-138

80. Halliburton Company (USA) IV-139

81. Hangzhou Yinhu Chemical Co., Ltd. (China) IV-141

82. Hercules, Inc. (USA) IV-142

83. ICL Industrial Products (Israel) IV-145

84. Indian Muds & Chemicals (India) IV-147

85. Ineos Oligomers (USA) IV-148

86. Integrity Industries, Inc. (USA) IV-151

87. Intercat, Inc. (USA) IV-151

88. International Specialty Products, Inc. (USA) IV-152

89. Javelin Corporation (USA) IV-154

90. Jemmtek Resources Ltd. (Lagos) IV-154

91. Jingzhou Jianghan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (China) IV-155

92. JSC Niineftepromchim (Russia) IV-156

93. Kalpana Chemicals Ltd. (India) IV-156

94. Kelco Oilfield Group (UK) IV-157

95. Kemex International Pvt., Ltd. (India) IV-157

96. Kemira Oyj (Finland) IV-158

97. Kem-Tron (USA) IV-160

98. Kompaniya Veresk (Russia)/ Veresk Co. (Russia) IV-160

99. Kosta Oil Field Technologies, Inc. (Kostatech) (USA) IV-161

100. Lamberti SpA (Italy) IV-162

101. Lehmann & Voss & Company (Germany) IV-163

102. Lubrizol Corporation, The (USA) IV-164

103. Mayco Wellchem, Inc. (USA) IV-166

104. McGean-Rohco, Inc. (USA) IV-166

105. Melbray Chemicals Ltd. (UK) IV-167

106. Messina, Inc. (USA) IV-167

107. Midwest Custom Chemicals, Inc. (USA) IV-168

108. Montello, Inc. (USA) IV-169

109. Multi-Chem (USA) IV-169

110. Munzing Chemie GmbH (Germany) IV-170

111. National Chemical and Petroleum Industries (Kuwait) IV-171

112. Navdeep Chemicals Pvt., Ltd. (India) IV-171

113. Neutec Chemie-Vertriebs GmbH (Germany) IV-172

114. Nigerian-German Chemicals PLC (Nigeria) IV-173

115. Ningbo Jinhai Albemarle Chemical and Industry Company Limited (China) IV-173

116. Nisanth, Inc. (USA) IV-174

117. NUR Chemicals & Engineering Industries Co. (Jordan) IV-175

118. Oil Chem Technologies (USA) IV-176

119. Oleon NV (Belgium) IV-177

120. Oman Drilling Mud Products Co., LLC (Oman) IV-179

121. Pax Group of Companies (India) IV-179

122. PCC Rokita SA (Poland) IV-180

123. Pentagon Chemical Specialties Ltd. (UK) IV-181

124. Petroferm, Inc. (USA) IV-182

125. Petrotreat, Inc. (Canada) IV-183

126. Phrikolat Drilling Specialties GmbH (Germany) IV-183

127. PT Tesso Tetra Chemika (Indonesia) IV-184

128. Quantum Chemicals Pty., Ltd. (Australia) IV-185

129. Recherche Exploitation Produits (France) IV-187

130. Rheochem Ltd. (Australia) IV-188

131. Rhodia SA (France) IV-189

132. Ritter Chemie GmbH & Co., KG. (Germany) IV-191

133. Roemex Ltd. (UK) IV-191

134. Royal Dutch Shell (The Netherlands) IV-192

135. RTE Group (Saudi Arabia) IV-196

136. Santos Ltd. (Australia) IV-197

137. Scomi Group Bhd (Malaysia) IV-199

138. Sepcor, Inc. (USA) IV-201

139. Seppic SA (France) IV-203

140. Set Laboratories, Inc. (USA) IV-205

141. Setac Chemical Corporation (USA) IV-206

142. Shrieve Chemical Products, Inc. (USA) IV-206

143. Sichem (UAE) IV-207

144. Sinko Chemical Pte., Ltd. (Singapore) IV-207

145. Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Co., Ltd. (China) IV-208

146. Smith International, Inc. (USA) IV-209

147. SNF SA (France) IV-210

148. Sofex Co. (Russia) IV-211

149. Statoil ASA (Norway) IV-212

150. Sun Drilling Products, Inc. (USA) IV-213

151. Super Glanz SpA (Italy) IV-214

152. Superior Energy Services, Inc. (USA) IV-215

153. Symco Drilling Fluids (Canada) IV-218

154. Tarak Chemicals Ltd. (India) IV-218

155. TBC-Brinadd (USA) IV-218

156. Tetra Technologies, Inc. (USA) IV-219

157. Thermax Limited (India) IV-221

158. Tianjin Huafu Oilfield Chemical Company Ltd. (China) IV-222

159. Uniqema Div (USA) IV-223

160. United Colors Corp., Ltd. (Thailand) IV-223

161. Unitop Chemicals Pvt., Ltd. (India) IV-224

162. Well-Flow International LLC (USA) IV-225

163. Westhaven Chemicals (Canada) IV-226

164. Wildcat Chemicals Australia Pty., Ltd. (Australia) IV-227

165. WRT BV (The Netherlands) IV-228

166. Wujin Jiahua Chemical Co., Ltd. (China) IV-228

167. Wyo-Ben, Inc. (USA) IV-229

168. Zirax PLC (UK) IV-231

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