November 25, 2004

Alternative to Evolution

Editor, New Era:

Regarding the Nov. 12 article on the Dover Area School District mandating the teaching of intelligent design "to be an alternative to the theory of evolution," Pennsylvania is not the first state to try to teach an alternative to humanistic evolution.

Other states such as Louisiana and Kansas have tried "equal time" creationism to be taught to their public school students. Creation science uses evidence gathered by thousands of scientists which contradicts the assumptions and claims for the validity of the theory of evolution.

The reason Louisiana failed is that it mandated or required that both sciences be taught, which was found in 1987 by the U.S. Supreme Court to be unconstitutional. But the Supreme Court also ruled that scientific evidence for creation can be taught in science classrooms, if this is done voluntarily by teachers without coercion and without reference to religious literature of any kind.

When Kansas State Board of Education voted in 1999 to demote evolution as unquestioned fact they were denounced by evolutionists nationwide. Two years later, a new state board of education re- established evolution to its preeminent position in its science guidelines.

The Institute for Creation Research, P.O. Box 2667, El Cajon, Cal., 92021 (, has had an ongoing research project called "RATE" or Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth, which explores an alternative young-earth approach to radioisotope dating.

ICR also has available many books and other educational materials to help adults/youth learn more about creation science, including one booklet called "Teaching Creation Science in Public Schools." Also, books like "The Genesis Flood" are available through the Lancaster Library.

If enough people would turn off offensive TV shows and spend that time in investigating creation science, there would be a sufficient number of people nationwide to strongly support their school boards when creation science or intelligent design is considered. Then "equal time" can be accomplished.

Rose King


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