September 10, 2007

10-Year-Old Finds Dinosaur Molar

A 10-year-old Alaska boy who found a woolly mammoth tooth the size of a toaster said he's determined to find more of the ancient beast.

J.P. Post was walking home from school in Fairbanks last month when he spotted what he thought was a jagged rock sticking out of the ground along a well-worn path about 100 yards from his home, the Fairbanks (Alaska) Daily-News Miner reported Monday.

He dug it up with his hands and ran home yelling, Dad, I found a dinosaur tooth. The find has been confirmed as the tooth of giant woolly mammoth who roamed more than 10,000 years ago, said Link Olson, curator of mammals at the University of Alaska Museum of the North.

J.P. said he seriously is considering donating the tooth to the museum and is determined, in the meantime, to keep digging around his neighborhood in search of more fossil finds.

He's a little obsessed about it now, his mother, Ruth Post, told the Daily-News Miner. He's trying to find the rest of the thing.