September 27, 2007

Frostmark(TM) Launches Its Long Line Wild Caught Cod and Haddock Fillets: From Hook to Cook

Southstream Seafoods, Inc., leader in the frozen seafood importer business, is proud to introduce our long line wild caught cod and haddock fillets to the foodservice industry and retail consumer. Nearly 80% of Americans prefer wild caught seafood1. We have foreseen the need for a high quality "harvested from the wild" 2 replacement to the Iceland Fishery. In 2007 and 2008, there will be an additional 30% quota cut in Iceland that directly affects all supplies from Iceland, including frozen at sea products to the US market. A solution for a very high quality replacement to the Iceland fishery products is imperative as this will greatly increase demands in the cod and haddock sectors.

Our years of expertise have allowed us to research a very attractive alternative to this dilemma by using long line caught cod and haddock. Long line is a method of fishing that is of a higher value. It is the process by where hooks are set off lines and the fish are caught individually. The increase in quality from long lining over other methods of catch is that the fish are not enduring additional stress or pressure. The fish is frozen within hours of catch maintaining firm texture and mild flavor and all our fillets are hand cut with attention to detail.

FROSTMARK™ = 100% net weight

Skinless and Boneless

J-Cut (to remove belly flap for 100% yield)

Multi use: Bake, Broil, Pan Fry or Deep Fry

Year round availability

Pack size: 4/10 lbs. Shatterpack or 1/10 lbs. IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)

Shelf life (frozen): 2 years

Pallet configuration: 7 ti / 7hi

Cases per Pallet: 49 cs.

Case Cube: .88

Southstream Seafoods, Inc. is a reputable eighteen year old frozen seafood importer with extensive raw material resources in Atlantic Canada, Alaska and Russia. Southstream is nationally recognized for ground fish supplies from both the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans, including Cod, Haddock, Ocean Perch, Pollock and Turbot. Our distinct advantage in the industry is our control over the resource we import with quota holding organizations.

Southstream's corporate headquarters are located in Rhode Island with sales offices located in Florida, Kentucky, Chicago and Los Angeles. Southstream's customer base includes national broad line distributors, independent and seafood distributors, restaurant chains (national and regional), retail supermarket chains, casinos, wholesale grocers and processors. Some of our customers include Sysco, US Foodservice, IHOP Restaurants and Whole Foods.

Our customer's loyalty and success with our products and services comes from our customized production for their menus, processing lines, and retail cases. Our ability to honor quantity and price programs for extended periods of time enables our distribution business to deliver quality goods consistently to their customers.

We recognize today's customer's demand for confidence in their suppliers' abilities to monitor quality and safety. Our FROSTMARK™ brand is the benchmark that satisfies these demands. Our world class standards and FROSTMARK™ brand have consistently and confidently grown business for our customers. In 2007, we launched our wild caught long line cod and haddock fillets to the foodservice industry and retail consumer. Nearly 80% of Americans prefer wild caught seafood1. We have foreseen the need for a very high quality "harvested from the wild"2 replacement to the Iceland Fishery. Southstream Seafoods, Inc., an experienced importer and distributor pays attention to your present and future business needs.

1 & 2"Public Prefers Wild: Organic Seafood Survey". Seafood.Com News- August 21, 2007 Article