Scientists Planning Expedition To Find Yeti
October 4, 2011

Scientists Planning Expedition To Find Yeti

A team of Russian and American scientists are planning what to some seem like a fairy tale adventure; a hunt for the elusive Abominable Snowman.

Igor Burtsev, the head of the 'Yeti institute' at Kemerovo State University, will lead the team to search for the creature in the Kuzbass coal mining area of Kemerovo.  He believes there are around 30 Yetis that live in that area.

This is not the first expedition in Russia to try and discover what some believe to be a mythical creature.

Russian heavyweight boxing champion Nikolai Valuyev went on a journey to find a Yeti but instead found traces of broken tree branches and large footprints.

Sightings of the creature in Kemerovo and its neighboring region Altai are three times higher than compared to 20 years ago. 

Jonathan Downes, director of the Center for Fortean Zoology, told BBC in an interview broadcasted on their website that he believes the Yeti could be a descendent from an ancient orangutan.

The Kemerovo regional administration issued a "yeti warning" last year and urged residents to be on the lookout for the creature.  Local game wardens in the area have also said they have found evidence obtained by a motion-triggered camera in a cave 50 miles from Tashtagol as possible proof that the Yeti exists.

Regardless, fact or fiction, researchers from Russia, the U.S. and China will be attending meetings on Thursday to Saturday in Kemerovo to determine their next step in hunting down the alleged creature.


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