“Half a Century of Technology in Art: Chips Are Us” Brought to the United States and Now Available for Traveling Exhibitions

October 15, 2011

Our era in Ruffo Caselliâs Cybernetic Existentialism. A sponsorhip opportunity for corporate partners.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 15, 2011

A retrospective of Italian artist Ruffo Caselli, the painter of microchips, is now available in the United States for a traveling exhibit and welcomes corporate sponsors with suitable locations. At 79, Florence born Ruffo Caselli never owned a computer, a blackberry, an IPod, not even an answering machine, but his canvasses painted with oil colors and dotted with microchips demonstrate a precise knowledge of the most advanced technology.

When we look at his paintings of thirty years ago, we can easily recognize images of contemporary inventions, from robotics to androids. His art documents, interprets and often anticipates a technological universe and many innovations, as personal reflections of human nature more and more similar to our machines.

Founder of Cybernetic Existentialism, Ruffo Caselli is like an urban legend that stood the test of time. In a society driven by success and money, refused to be a commercial artist, he has been an authoritative voice and a visionary force in art and philosophy. âœI am driven by principles that isolate me from the rest of humanityâ.

âœA solitary man of genius, he expresses his philosophical vision using paradigms and metaphors, establishing new ones, and working on a self-styled aesthetic and spiritual territory âœ-says art curator Carmen Gallo..

In his art, technology is the ultimate frontier; microchips hold the ultimate secrets and are repositories of our consciousness.

In the sixties and seventies, his work was raising alarming issues of environmental pollution and the necessity of reducing gas emissions and using renewable energies.

The Center for the Multidisciplinary Study of Cybernetic Existentialism (http://www.cyberneticexistentialism.com) holds regular meetings in the United States and in South America, to discuss Ruffo Caselliâs inventions and predictions. A gallery in Seoul, Korea, recently requested his canvasses from the 80âs for an art exhibition.

A recent interview by Lia Petridis of the Huffington Post shows Maestro Caselliâs simplicity and genius. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lia-petridis/i-read-i-think-and-i-paint_b_832535.html

The prestigious magazine Cybernetics and Human Knowing, a Journal of second order cybernetics, autopoiesis and cyber-semiotics, featured his paintings of the eighties http://web.mac.com/cybernetics.asc/CHK_artwork/Ruffo_Caselli.html

âœAlready in the 1950âs Ruffo Caselli started to incorporate both the ideas and the substance of newly developing technologies in his art. He has been concerned with the progressive changes in the nature of human being as we evolve in tandem with our technologies. Though we now live in a highly technological universe our search for meaning continues. As he puts itâ Technology imitates life, chips are us.â

Contact: Anna Maria De Medici, email itamnet(at)aol(dot)com


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