Is Coffee In Danger Of Extinction?
October 17, 2011

Is Coffee In Danger Of Extinction?

Starbucks sustainability chief said the company has been pushing the Obama administration over concerns about the world coffee supply being threatened by climate change, according to a report by The Guardian.

Jim Hanna told the news agency that Starbuck's coffee farmers are already seeing the effects of climate change, with severe hurricanes and bugs that are resistant to pesticides.

"If we sit by and wait until the impacts of climate change are so severe that is impacting our supply chain then that puts us at a greater risk," he told the news agency. "From a business perspective we really need to address this now, and to look five, 10, and 20 years down the road."

The report said Starbucks is part of a business coalition that has been trying to push Congress and the Obama administration to act on climate change, but has seen little success.

"Even in very well established coffee plantations and farms, we are hearing more and more stories of impacts," Hanna told The Guardian.

He said Starbucks has been working with local farmers to try to cushion them from future climate changes.


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