Joel Skousen Comments on Strategic Relocation on The Holistic Survival Show

December 2, 2011

Strategic Relocation expert helps listeners prepare for cataclysmic emergencies.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) December 02, 2011

As people face many threats in todayâs complex world, political scientist Joel Skousen, joined The Holistic Survival Show to discuss foreign and domestic affairs, the need for strategic relocation, crisis preparedness and self-sufficiency planning on the 59th episode of the podcast. Author of Strategic Relocation and World Affairs Brief editor, Skousen also touches on the subject of military affairs and readiness, as well as free-enterprise solutions to economic and social problems.

Skousen suggested that the United States enabled the Soviet Union to build nuclear weapons at the start of the cold war and aided the rise of communism after World War II.

âœThereâs a pattern that goes beyond; it went into the Truman administration, then during the Eisenhower administration and then during the Kennedy administration,â Skousen said, describing a global conspiracy that the world was being drawn into a One World Order through falsified conflicts. The showâs host called it the âœFalse Flagâ argument.

âœPeople need to prepare strategically for safety, especially when you look at a nuclear scenario when about fifteen to twenty cities might be nuked someday where military industrial complexes are integrated into the city,â said Skousen. He cites San Diego, Seattle and Colorado Springs as vulnerable cities in addition to Omaha, Washington D.C., and Jacksonville.

Skousen said that the government is hiding Russian and Chinese preparations for nuclear war against the United States. He said that only three major analysts, including him, predicted a major world war against China and Russia.

Skousen enumerated the reasons that the United States is a threat against communism on the world stage. Strategically, he believes that the amount of vacant land in the United States makes it a relatively safe place to be in the event of nuclear disaster.

Skousen praises Americans as free thinkers, capable of uniting in the event of a catastrophic event.

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