December 5, 2011

MIT Recommends U.S. Power Grid Improvements And Security

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) suggest that security of the power grid in the U.S. should be overseen by a single federal agency and not the disparate federal, state and local entities responsible for various aspects of safeguarding the power grid, Deborah Zabarenko reports for Reuters.

The MIT researchers report on the U.S. electric grid through the year 2030, and recommend that the federal agency, whichever one it is, should coordinate with the power grid industry and maintain the appropriate regulatory authority to enhance cybersecurity preparedness, response and recovery.

One recommendation that was offered by the MIT panel included granting more authority to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to site transmission facilities that cross state lines.

Additional recommendations include using advanced metering, which is beginning to make inroads into the consumer market, to begin the transition to pricing home energy use that reflects the time-varying costs of supplying power,improving the grid´s efficiency and making rates lower.

It was also suggested that the power industry should fund research and development in computational tools for bulk power systems, methods for wide-area transmission planning, procedures for responding to cyberattacks and models of consumer response to real-time pricing.


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