Iceland's Loch Ness Monster Caught On Video
February 9, 2012

You Be The Judge: Iceland’s Loch Ness Monster Caught On Video

A mythical Icelandic monster known as Lagarfljót's Worm has reportedly been caught on video.  Belief in the creature dates back to 1345 and sighting it is considered a bad omen.

The Daily Mail Online reports that in the legend, a girl placed a heather worm inside a ring of gold in order to make the ring grow. But, when she returned the worm had grown into a serpent but the gold ring stayed the same size. In fear she flung the ring into Lake Lagarfljót where the serpent then grew into a dragon terrorizing the local people.

The video, shot by a resident named Hjortur Kjerulf, shows something that looks like a snake meandering through the water. Skeptics, however, think it is only an old net, thawing out after being frozen and moving its way through the water.

The creature is believed by some to be 300 feet long with many humps. Some have spotted in on land coiled up or moving into the trees. Others say the monster is 19 miles long, as long as the lake itself.