Large Portion Of Argentine Glacier Collapses Into River
March 5, 2012

Large Portion Of Argentine Glacier Collapses Into River

Portions of Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina collapsed early Sunday morning creating a spectacular show that few tourists were witness to due to the early hour of the day, reports The Telegraph.

The glacier, portions of which cut though a river, advances 5 to 6 feet per day and is a popular location for tourists to see a glacier in action.

The river it juts over cuts a tunnel through the ice and although small chunks of ice are seen regularly falling into the water, large portions are rarer to see. The most previous similar ice fall occurred in July of 2008.

Perito Moreno, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Argentina, is one of the largest glaciers on the Patagonian ice cap.

The large size of the ice fall was anticipated by park rangers and nearly 5,000 tourists were at the park awaiting the drop, reports the AFP news agency. Only about half that number were awake and watching for the drop at that hour.

The sound of the collapse was heard several kilometers away and was accelerated by heavy rainfall overnight. “The noise was very great, it was coming down in buckets,” said park ranger Carlos Corvalan.


Image Caption: Large piece of ice collapses as the glacier advances (September 20, 2007). Credit: Calyponte/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.5)