The Sea Just Keeps On Rising
March 16, 2012

The Sea Just Keeps On Rising

Joshua Kelly, Meteorology Correspondent

Today we are looking at another topic that is starting to get attention in the science field and that is the potential rise of sea levels worldwide. The reason for this being such a big ticket item is the fact that a lot of people could become impacted by such an event.  So the question we have to this actually going to happen in our lifetime? There is no simple answer to this question other than the possibility is there in the future.

Let´s examine what is currently happening on Planet Earth. Right now as we speak, the Earth is going through a warmer phase of its cycle which in return is causing the glaciers of the North and Southern Poles to decrease in size. Also, it has been noted that in the Southern Hemisphere a few icebergs have broken loose. The reason this is important is that when these glaciers or icebergs that are large in size break loose they can impact our lives by both affecting the transportation routes and also create a shift in sea levels.

What happens is as these icebergs and glaciers begin to break loose and melt because they are transported into warmer waters they will also bring all that frozen water into liquid form which will increase the amount of water available in the oceans.  So you may be asking yourself “why is this so important to me?” Well let´s look at a scenario that occurred in 2005 when New Orleans found itself along with other cities along the Gulf Coast under water. Imagine this taking place however instead of rising into the region and then going away within a few days this water rises and stays in place for days and even years to come. It would make the United States have new shorelines and some very large cities that spread from the East Coast through the Gulf of Mexico and even over on the Pacific side become unlivable due to the water levels rising into many people´s neighborhoods.

This is the question that I have to ask of you though. We all remember how the famous voyage ended for one cruise ship in the Atlantic Ocean on a terrible dark night. I am referring to the Titanic and how it was on a voyage and struck an iceberg that was not in the right place. So it makes me wonder how long has this evolution of the ice shifting and moving been going on and why have we not seen the oceans rise faster and earlier.  Maybe that is once again related to our cycles between the Earth and Sun.  With that being said it may be safe to say that as we continue moving forward on the Earth we will see the sea levels rise and fall over time. This data that is provided to us is all based on speculation of the Earth continuing to warm and the glaciers melting, however once again scientists have based this on what is happening now.

In a few years when we head back into a Solar minimum we will see the ice slow down on the amount that is melting and also we may see ice reform, just like what happened in 2009 in Glacier National Park in Montana when they noted that the glaciers actually made ground and were able to grow that winter. Hmm, did we happen to be in a solar min during that time? Yes we were experiencing one during that time period. So what I am saying is this...we are now speculating the future with our eyes locked on the Earth continuing to warm and rapid paces and everyone thinks that we are headed for doomsday.

What they are forgetting to mention is that maybe around the year 2015 when we enter into another strong solar min we might just see this reverse again and then the scientists scrambling for another name to call their predictions. Not to take a guess but maybe they can refer to it as Ocean and Climate change then.

When I write my articles I take heavy consideration into the Sun's impact on Earth and how things revolve around the Sun. The reason I stick to this measure so much is that the Sun has been around the whole time the Earth was here, so they have correlation between each other.

In the short term of the next few years we are probably going to see more destructive damage to the low lying coastal places from hurricanes and other strong storms that are fueled to strength by the strong increase in solar activity.  So it would be good for people to be prepared for the near future, however when it comes to the long range remember this...all the information you are hearing is being distributed by scientists and they are using computer programs and model data to make these predictions. This needs to be taken into consideration because computer models are bound to have flaws in them. The reason I say that is being a meteorologist and working with weather models why have we not got a weather model that can predict the weather out past 7 days with high accuracy. This is because the atmosphere is very fluid in nature just like the oceans are also and along with that will be the cycles of the Earth and they are very fluent to, all of this needs to be taken into consideration before we push the panic button. If we start jumping on this train we could see it take another run for a crash course just like what happened with Global Warming and how it had to change to Climate change.

Remember that the end results of these events are not controlled by humans rather than other needs outside of the human race which will determine the outcome. As we look back over the years of the Earth we can see that many large shifts have occurred. And as we continue to study and find out more about this fascinating Earth new things will emerge you can almost be guaranteed of that.

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