March 21, 2012

Public University Of Navarre Researchers Participate In Project For Design And Manufacture Of Composite PVC Materials Based On Nanofillings

Researchers at the Public University of Navarre (UPNA) are taking part in a project for the design and manufacture of composite PVC materials based on nanofillings, the aim being to control and optimise the photostability thermal resistance and the permeation of gases of the plastic material. Also involved in the project are the Compuestos y Granzas, S.A. (CYGSA) company and the L´Urederra Technological Centre. The project will last until December 2012.

The project is to develop nanofilled polymer composite materials through the synthesis and treatment of nanoclays introduced into the matrix of the polymer.

In the first place the aim is to enhance the photostability properties of the polymers. Ultraviolet rays, responsible for the accelerated degradation of the polymers, cause discolouration and loss of performance of the material, thus shortening their useful life. Nanofilled polymer composites are developed through the synthesis and treatment of nanoclays incorporated into the matrix of the polymer. This incorporation of molecules capable of absorbing luminous radiation increases the resistance of the compound to UV radiation

The second objective was the enhancement of refractory properties. The nanofillers have the ability to act as mechanical reinforcements and, at the same time, as fire retardants, in such a way that the new materials can increase the thermal stability of the material, reducing the emission of gases in the case of combustion and halting the deterioration of mechanical properties which other fire retardants cause.

Finally, the improvement of permeation properties of materials means the development of new formulas with barrier properties for gases and low molecular weight volatile organic molecules thanks to the addition of the nanofillers. In this way reducing the diffusion of gases through the modified polymers will be achieved.

The members of the team involved in the project are lecturers at the Department of Applied Chemistry, Antonio Gil and Sophia A. Korili, and project assistant Saioa Albeniz.


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