Big Story Weather – March 23, 2012
March 23, 2012

Big Story Weather – March 23, 2012

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story news from March 22, 2012: Three tornadoes where confirmed along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The first tornado was rated as an EF-0 by the National Weather Service with winds near 70mph this storm did cause structural damage and tree damage around the Long Beach, MS area.

The second storm was rated and EF-1 and occurred just north of Gulfport, MS with winds near 90mph. This storm also caused a mobile home to be thrown over and many trees to be twisted and other structural damage to the area.

The third storm occurred just north of Biloxi and was rated and EF-0 with winds near 85mph. This storm also caused structural damage and trees were uprooted.

In other Big Story news for the day, heavy rainfall stretched from Louisiana to Arkansas and through Mississippi and Alabama. Some places near the Gulf coast picked upwards of 4-6inches of rain and most of these places are still getting rain today which is creating some large flooding problems.

Big Story news outlook for March 23, 2012: Storms will impact the Gulf Coast region this morning, slowly shifting eastward towards the Carolinas by this afternoon. Also looking for heavy snowfall to move through the Northern Rockies of Idaho and Montana today as snowfall amounts may approach 6 inches. Warm temps are going to spread from Texas where some places may hit the 90´s all the way northward to the Dakota´s where in the western part of the state´s temps may reach the lower 80´s.

Big Story news outlook International:  Snow will fall along the Korean peninsula with the possibility of up to 4 inches in higher elevations. Also moving into Japan heavy rain will be found any many places throughout the country. Europe looks to be quite today with temps in the mid 60´s to upper 70´s throughout the region.