Big Story Weather – March 27, 2012
March 27, 2012

Big Story Weather – March 27, 2012

Red Orbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story news from March 26, 2012: The severe weather was not as active on Monday. There was a few severe thunderstorms that did move through the Northern Plains overnight. Heavy mountain snows found their way through the Northern Sierra Nevada´s and also the Southern portion of the Cascades as the next frontal system began to push onshore. Other big news of the day was the record heat that continues to push its way northward.

Big Story news outlook for March 27, 2012: A strong low pressure system will move through the Northern Plains and with it we will see some showers and isolated thunderstorms for places like Bismarck North Dakota and Pierre South Dakota. Also in Western South Dakota there will be some light snowfall at the higher elevations around Harney Peak and also around the Terry Peak region. Heavy snow will also be on the push over the Northern part of California, while more coastal rain will be found through Seattle and Portland. The heat will also continue from places like Houston Texas eastward into the Gulf Coast and then up towards the Mid-Atlantic Region. Look for the warmest air to be out over Texas where some places could easily see the Mid 80´s while along the Gulf Coast look for more in the lower 80´s.

Big Story news outlook International:  High pressure will influence a vast majority of Europe bringing with it nice conditions. Also into Central Europe and Russia we will see places dealing with rain and snow as a Low pressure center continues to move across that region.  High pressure and cooler conditions will also be found throughout Japan and the Korea´s. While into India and Northern Africa it will be the heat as many places could be dealing with temps at or near 25C.  Western Australia will enjoy another warm day while the Eastern part of the country cools down.